- Go down to the lake for a fishing trip, to take a dip (the beach is supervised).

- Set off from your tiny house on a hike (on foot or by bike) on the many PRs and GRs in the area.

- Walk along the Sioule and feel the freshness of the river.

- Go for a horseback ride at the Ambur stable http://www.chevalrando63.com .

- Taste the local cuisine at the Auberge de la Hulotte https://www.aubergedelahulotte .

- Concoct good meals at "home".

A few minutes by car

- Visit Vulcania https://www.vulcania.com or Puy de Lemptégy https://www.auvergne-volcan.com .

- Climb the volcanoes (Puy Pariou, Puy de Dôme...).

- Play or stroll on the magnificent Golf des Volcans. https://www.golfdesvolcans.fr/

- Admire the marvelous meander of Queuille